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The Legerdemain Incident - index
The Legerdemain Incident
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:
Part 11:
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Six minute sketch of Dehaka sniffing by Ihsan997 Six minute sketch of Dehaka sniffing :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 0 1
The Legerdemain Incident, part 11 of 11
For the sake of a focused subject and goal, I'll forego any discussion of the intrigue, scandals, and soured relations which followed what is now referred to as the Legerdemain Incident. Enough has already been said by various commentators, and dragging what I'd intended to be a fair study of the events themselves into an emotionally charged debate won't benefit anybody.
Suffice to say that the effects of the event were far reaching, and perhaps still being felt. There are, however, multiple unanswered questions arising from the event itself, all of which actually are relevant to the subject of this study:
* SI:7 has denied any involvement despite strong public perception on all sides that this was their *fourth* assassination attempt against Growl-Greta Gar. Has this very public failure affected the nature of their operations since then?
* Among the visually spotted SI:7 agents at the Legerdemain Lounge, two worgen, the pandaren who'd been foiled by the ogres, and the gnome who'd assa
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The Legerdemain Incident, part 10 of 11
The last section of the testimony proper consists of my own. Since I am playing the role of both witness and reporter, I felt it apt to separate my own words from those of my informants. You are free, dear reader, to accept or discount my own expression of the subject. I still feel that my words are objective, since both witness and reporter are observers from different angles. If you choose only to consider the eyewitness testimony of my informants in the previous sections, however, I still consider my mission as accomplished.
After having witnessed the passing by of the Killface Warband previously, I promptly forgot about them and went about my day. Most of my legal processes had been completed by that point, and although I dislike traveling near conflict zones, I elected to spend a few hours in Dalaran until I paid for portal service back to the Barrens. It was by pure chance that I found myself close to the food hawkers' carts where the primary showdown took place.
As several of my
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Rampart rampage story + sketch, no colors by Ihsan997 Rampart rampage story + sketch, no colors :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 4 0
The Legerdemain Incident, part 9 of 11
Despite the minute details with which the lead up to the events were described, what occurred thereafter requires significantly less exposition. Perhaps that it due to the fact that the lead-in to the chaos involved limited individuals, wasn't reliably observed in full, and was largely open to bias and dissonance.
Conversely, what took place in the streets was witnessed by hundreds of people - both those involved and those merely observing. Prior to my own observation, I must include eyewitness accounts from others as to what took place in the streets; for the sake of objectivity, I must not include my own recounting of the events along with those of my informants.
Grimaldi from Shadowforge, 88, brass smelter foreman:
"I was taking me wife and kids to get some lemonade when I first heard all the ruckus. We were out in Sunreaver Square at this little area where a few food hawkers had set up tents and tables, having a grand old time. All of a sudden, we see a few people bouncing from aro
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Forum fight sketch + story, no colors by Ihsan997 Forum fight sketch + story, no colors :iconihsan997:Ihsan997 4 0
The Legerdemain Incident, part 8 of 11
If the events in the second floor of the Legerdemain Lounge were the most significant of the day, then the following events on the bottom floor could be described as the reaction to the stimulus.
Unlike the hazy upstairs events, those which occurred downstairs are extremely well-documented. While I found my sources stretched thin for the previous section, I actually had to *reduce* the number of sources I accepted for this current one. For the sake of diversity in informants and catching a wide selection sample, I've chosen to use three select testimonies that summarize what ended up being a total of fourteen total.
Marcus from Darkshire, 33, pyromancy instructor:
"In all my years in Dalaran, I'd never actually eaten at the Legerdemain before. I don't leave the academy much, so I'm not that familiar with the area anyway. A colleague of mine decided to give this place a try; it's noisier than what I'm used to, but I figured we needed to try new things.
"The place was packed with people
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The Legerdemain Incident, part 7 of 11
In the left hallway of the inn's second floor, two of the four tragic deaths that day occurred, though my previous sources only mentioned one in that link in the chain of events. The second is more or less connected to the incident in the right side of the hallway. The chain link in the right side, however, demands telling beforehand. What occurred there was perhaps the most significant failed assassination of the decade; had SI:7 succeeded, there no doubt in my mind that a full-scale factional war could have broken out between the two factions. Instead, their failure led to the four deaths involved and the riots which occurred thereafter. Perhaps the greatest tragedy is that the way things unfolded, as embarrassing and harmful as it was, was probably the least damaging way the whole event could have occurred.
Let us move in to the main catalyst, which was also the least reliably observed portion of the incident.
Trivoram of Auchindoun, 205, Kirin Tor sentry:
"As soon as I got the ogre
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The Legerdemain Incident, part 6 of 11
As unfair as the kitchen incident was, the upstairs hallway incident was a prime example of the tragedy which resulted from that day. A total of four deaths occurred that day, in addition to a lot of embarrassment, property damage, medical bills, and political fallout. It all started when a staff member unwittingly walked in on what was meant to be a mere distraction from the primary point of attack.
Peter from Southshore, 43, day shift janitor:
"Well, eh all starred when I was cleaning the hallways, right? Peoples don clean up after themselves anymore, it's terrible. So I gots to make these floors shine. Imagine moi surprise when I mopped around a corner and saw one of our merry maids sprawled out on the floor. Sally-Mae Beebles from Goldshire, that's her name, it was. She quit working in Dalaran after this.
"What happened? Well, I'll tell yous what happened. This big, furry panda man's had a rag that smelled like ether in his hands. Him and his friend both pause in the hallway there'
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The Legerdemain Incident, part 5 of 11
For the sake of clarity, the next few portions will be divided not only by chronology of events, but also by location on Legerdemain property. I'd like to start with what I could learn about the kitchen and employee break area behind the building.
Mara from Sen'jin Village, 23, drink server at the inn:
"I already told the city guards, but if you think it's gonna help other people, I'll be telling you, too. I was bringing in some glass mugs from the restaurant for cleaning. I do it myself cause Herman always stares at my goods, so I don't like working with him. So there I was, bringing in mugs to the dishwashers when I feel something under my sandal. I look down and it's this little gnome. He must've been bolting cause he fell face first in the floor when he ran into my foot.
"I freaked out more than I should have cause if any of us upsets a customer, we get fired. So I actually picked this little guy up to see if he's okay. He seemed like a tough little guy cause, like, cause I really
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The Legerdemain Incident, part 4 of 11
Most of the witnesses to whom I spoke seem to indicate that the members of the Killface Warband remained at their table for some time, attracting admirers from their faction as they shared stories. At some point, several members moved on into rented rooms, including the group's notorious leader, Growl-Greta Gar.
Leira of Thunderbluff, 26, short order cook at the inn:
"A small crowd of people started to gather around the group and the amount of orders just doubled. It doubled. That's our business but the kitchen was really starting to get hot, because all of them wanted hot meals. One of the Warband's raiders ordered a melted cheese and beet pastry and suddenly everybody wanted the same. Exact. Thing.
"Again, I can't complain. That's our business. But when a few members of the Warband started to rent rooms, I felt a bit of relief. The kitchen was hot and it's human sized, so I have to sit down while I cook. I stepped into the back alley for some fresh air once the warband's leader left
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What could fill the shoes of Sargeras as the major plot point in WoW? 

4 deviants said The final Old God escapes imprisonment
2 deviants said Void Lords invade the player characters' dimension
2 deviants said Blizzard makes up a totally new ultimate villain from scratch
1 deviant said Another demon lord was pulling Sargeras' strings all along
1 deviant said The Burning Legion decides it doesn't need him and goes rogue
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Orc veteran no refs by Ihsan997

Greta (the orc with braided hair in the pic) is an OC I developed as part of an attempt to motivate myself to create more art. There will be no long, epic stories or dramatic tales; that wouldn't suit her personality anyway.
Greta is a Warsong orc from Nagrand and currently the leader of a ten-hero warband. She was involved in the First, Second, and Third Wars, and is in preparation for the invasion of Argus. She's been to many places, known many people, and seen many things.

Since she remembers the beginnings of the Horde, she's quite old school. The Horde for her carries a certain definition and ideology at odds with what it has become, and I think this was a subconscious attempt by me to act out my frustration as a 25-year fan of the franchise who remembers the good old days of Warcraft 1 trying to roleplay and talk about lore with a playerbase that largely doesn't even know there were Warcraft games before World of Warcraft.

Greta has been married three times. Her first husband died in battle with remnants of the Gorian Empire; they were both young. Her second husband fled the battlefield when fighting saberon; she gave him a broom and told him to get in the kitchen, took his axe for herself and joined a revenge party. That led to an unspoken, understood divorce and he fled into obscurity. Her third husband died in the Second War. She doesn't intend to get married again, but is never alone and relatively happy. Losing people can make you strong. 

Greta grew up shamanistic, but with the fall of the shamans to the warlocks, she began to see nature magic as weak. She knows that Gul'dan manipulated the clans and that the conversion to demonology was a dishonest one, but it's what happened and there would be no Horde without warlocks. Shamanism is one throwback that she doesn't pine for, and the entrance of the tauren into the Horde has made her ambivalently uncomfortable.
Greta lost her leg while defending a camp in the First War. Since orcs are a nomadic warrior culture at their root, I imagine she felt no stigma about being so seriously injured and wears her peg leg proudly. 

Although she has two grown kids who survived (two others died in wars), they're adults and independent. She sees them once a year but they're all happy that way. Her new family on a day-to-day basis is the Killface Warband, her ten-person strike team hired by Horde officers as well as private explorers and guilds for specific objectives needing serious soldiers but where a whole army would be impractical. 

Greta dislikes the Frostwolves, Thrall's clan, and finds them arrogant for their preening about never having been in internment camps. Their love of shamanism, as well as their friendship with the tauren, also unsettle her. The Darkspear tribe left their original beliefs for Shamanism, and in Greta's eyes, the only trolls she considers true Horde are the Revantusk, not the Darkspear. She's still never entirely accepted blood elves as anything other than enemies. Best of luck to whoever tries to change her mind. 

This was pretty fun, but honestly, tagging people is even funner. So I'm going to start by tagging :icondeesketches: right back because her repertoire of OCs is simply astounding. And tagbacks are allowed, so it's okay!
And :iconmischiart: , you know I must tag you. But Dee did too, so now you get to do TWO of these. Because, it's not like you're insanely busy or anything. I'm sure you have blocks and blocks of free time in the day! (please don't throw things at me)
I don't quite have 8 people on my watchlist who are active in Warcraft RP or fanfics, but if we're staying in this franchise, I'll also tag :iconmelanaadara: :icontheblindalchemist: and :iconaranyaversarn: (assuming that the latter hasn't already been tagged in these five times).


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